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    Tablet hardness tester*Brand new
    Brittle broken instrument*The upgrade
    Disintegration instrument
    Melting point meter(Silicone oil/Fully automatic.
    Dissolution tester*Brand new
    Infrared spectrometer*Brand new
    Clarity detector*The upgrade
    Melting time limit apparatus
    Drug stability tester*The upgrade
    Transdermal diffusion apparatus*Brand new
    Tablet four with instrument
    Tablet press series*The upgrade
    Preforming mold-The whole series
    Vacuum constant temperature drying oven
    Rapid moisture tester
    Electronic balance
    The filter Membrane filter Vacuum pump
    Frozen force tester
    Bertrand viscosity tester
    Infrared light metering instrument*The new
    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sulphur dioxide tester*.
    See spectroscope
    Consumable materials、Accessories

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  Tianjin jing billiton instrument technology co., LTD女厕所,Is the national high and new technology enterprise!Stick to it“Strive for perfection、Development and innovation”The idea of,In order toDevelopment、Development and productionThe testing instrument、Analysis instrument、Measurement and control instrument as the main body of the high-tech enterprises。   
  女厕所Binhai hi-tech zone is located in tianjin huayuan countries,Based on college of tianjin university precision instrument,Has a group by tianjin university、Professional precision instruments, tsinghua university doctoral students、Scientific research team composed of the master,The scientific research strength!Have been tianjin technology bureau identified as science and technology enterprises,Binhai hi-tech zone state identified as high-tech enterprises of science and technology!    
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•  2018.7 The new女厕所:JTAutomatic video series melting point meter
•  2018.4 Nankai university in tianjin TP-6Through PiYi installation site
•  2018.3 The winning Taiyuan university of science and technology projects TP-6Through PiYi
•  2018.1 The winning Changzhi medical college project RC-806Dissolution tester,
•  2017.9 The new女厕所:Automatic powder pelleting machine
•  2017.5 The new女厕所:RC-806Touch screen dissolution tester,Through the agreement
YRT-3(Silicone oil)Melting point meter
RY-1Melting point tester
Automatic video melting point meter
YD-1Tablet hardness tester
YD-2(Blue) Tablet hardness tester
YD-20Smart tablet hardness tester
HF-12(Don't release)Infrared mold
HF-2(Mold release)Infrared mold
YD-35Smart tablet hardness tester
CS-2A Brittle broken tester
CS-2Brittle broken instrument(The upgrade)
ZB-1D Disintegration instrument(The double cup)
ZRS-3ST Dissolution tester
RC-6 Dissolution tester
ZRS-6ST Dissolution tester
ZRS-8ST Dissolution tester(The former4After4)
ZRS-8G Dissolution tester
YB-2A Clarity detector
YB-3 Double sided transparent degree of detector
RBY-4 Melting time limit apparatus
6Contrast model parameter table
RBY-4B Melting time limit apparatus
RB-1 Melting time limit apparatus
ZPJ-4 Smart tablet four with instrument
3Contrast model parameter table
WD-A Drug stability tester
WD-2A Drug stability tester
TJ270-30A Infrared spectrophotometer
IR-1600 Fourier infrared spectrometer
YB-1A Vacuum constant temperature drying oven
Melting point instrument accessories
Transparent degree of parts
Dissolution instrument accessories
Infrared accessories
TP-6Transdermal diffusion apparatus
PC-12 (12Tons) Tablet press
PC-24 (24Tons) Tablet press
PC-30 (30Tons) Tablet press
Model summary
Mould model summary
YD-2 Tablet hardness tester
BJ-1 Disintegration instrument(Single cup)
BJ-2 Disintegration instrument(The double cup)
BJ-3 Disintegration instrument(Three cups)
CS-2A+ (Speed is adjustable)
YD-3 Tablet hardness tester
RC-1 Dissolution tester
KB-1 Mouth collapse collapse instrument(New product)
Dissolution physical calibration kit
PC-5(5Tons)Tablet press


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