Leave a person say,Leave about books

1.One day,You will thank the person who left,Is he to leave,Let you I find myself。 2.Used to think,Parting is leave don't love people,One day,When I grow up,Only to find that,There is a parting,Is to leave the people you love,There is a parting,Is to wipe the tears,Dare not look back。 ……{Read the full article}

Suitable for tell me about the funny pictures,Classic funny about take pictures
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1.Today take a taxi home,And I want to met a driver15Yuan,I asked the driver10Money can't walk?The driver very ye said!In my anger I drops a taxi,Results the same car,Open the door,The driver of a face of embarrassment and I looked at each other,Go home7Yuan! 2.The teacher said to bring a fish school to observe,The results 3.In this society……{Read the full article}
Tell me something about the picture of love:Spring breeze miles is better than you,No not your youth
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1.Vaguely remember,Since the day I meet you,My youth began to not the satisfaction。 2.Early in the morning porridge delicious than late at night,Cheat you people than those who love you will say,So don't fall in love with our ears,Really good to you all the details。 3.Spring breeze miles is better than you,No not your youth。 4.Excuse me before,The future……{Read the full article}
QQSpace is beautiful with pictures
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1.Meet is spring breeze miles,That was you。Love is a mountain water rich,The last is you。 2.I still want to go back to the age of five,Don't have to watch the moon and the stars in the morning every day,Don't wake up a plunge into words and do desperately saburo ancient prose,But will corner in the evening,Against the sunset over the low light,Silly to go after it can't catch the wind。 3.……{Read the full article}
Heartache with pictures:Later on,A glass of wine can solve,Also don't want to waste any more tears
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1.The so-called loneliness is some people have nothing to say,So no one can say。 2.Don't blame yourself too heavy feelings,You're just too losers,So who doesn't love you can not let go。 3.Later on,A glass of wine can solve,Also don't want to waste any more tears。 4.When you are serious about a relationship,But finally broke up,After……{Read the full article}